Experience a web that is safer, more transparent and alternative-friendly

Get advice and alerts from your trusted sources, directly on the pages you visit.

DisMoi is free and completely ad-free. It respects your privacy and does not slow down your browser.

Exemple 1/4 : An expert guide suggests a local alternative

Exemple 2/4 : A scam alert from a consumer protection group

Exemple 3/4 : A contributor shares an in-depth review on a given article

Exemple 4/4 : “Amazon Antidote” shows you a cheaper alternative to a product you are viewing

Free and completely ad-free. It respects your privacy.

How does it work?

1. Vous choisissez vos contributeurs

Once you have downloaded Dismoi, subscribe to the contributors of your choice.

2. You receive their messages directly on the web pages you visit

Committed to privacy Committed to privacy

Your use of the DisMoi extension is anonymous by default. The only personal data requested will be your email address, in case you want to contribute.

Dismoi is ad-free and we will never sell or trade away your data. Learn more >  

Blazing-fast browsing speedBlazing-fast browsing speed

Unlike other extensions, DisMoi does not slow down your browser.

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github logoTransparency

Because trust is about action and not just words, you can consult our source code here. DisMoi is open source: everyone can freely reuse it and contribute to it.

A free browser extension, completely ad-free

A free browser extension, completely ad-free

DisMoi is a collaborative social network overlaid on the web

You can help: Contribute to share your knowledge and advice and improve your followers’ web experience.

Examples :

  • Recommend a locally made alternative to a big-brand product
  • Flag fake news
  • Warn people about scams or phishing
  • Link to a conversation about the article they’re currently reading
  • Ask other page visitors for advice
  • etc…

No matter what, you’re free to post what you want: You don’t need permission from the website owner.

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